A group of students from  Phu Yen University, Vietnam visited School of Education, UTM from 4- 14 March 2019. Among the activities planned for the visit was to give opportunities to sit-in in classes with the TESL students. This aimed at providing opportunities for the visitors to experience how classes were conducted in UTM.

One of the classes they attended was ‘Academic Skills for ESL Teachers’ under the tutelage of Dr. Mahani Stapa, from Language Academy. The first half of the class was in a form of a lecture, followed by activities prepared by the TESL students for the visiting students.  The students decided to conduct language games with the visitors to promote the use of English language in a fun and joyful way. Some of the language games conducted were “Charades”, “Musical Chairs”, “Win, Loose and Draw” and many more. The visitors were enjoying themselves playing the games whilst using English.

At the end of the class, the TESL students were happy to be given the opportunities to conduct language games with the visitors as this would prepare them for such classroom activities as they become English teachers themselves. They hoped that they will be given more opportunities to interact with other international visiting students in the future.