Another milestone was created by UTM graduate Mr.Fareed Amirulrazy from School of Mechanical Engineering, when he was welcomed by the blooming sakura to report for work at NIFCO Japan on 1st of April 2019. He graduated last November and was offered an engineer position by NIFCO through the Asia to Japan recruiting forum conducted in Tokyo.

“I feel really happy to achieve my dream to be able to start my career in Japan. Actually experiencing their culture is very different from just knowing it. You will learn lot more of their culture and society that you will never find in the textbook’, said Mr.Fareed.

According to him,”UTM Japanese language courses not only  taught me Japanese language, but also a lot of cultural values related to Japanese daily life and their working culture. This helped me a lot in getting use to living and working in Japan. During my lesson I have also been taught how the Japanese language correlates with their culture”.

Mr.Fareed will be the 23rd in the list of UTM graduates who have benefited from learning Japanese language at UTM and hired by Japanese companies in Japan.

For the juniors, Mr.Farred had this to say,” ‘The true failure is when you had given up’. I did not pass my first interview with Japanese company offering work in Japan and at that time I felt like I have lost my opportunity to work in Japan. However, I didn’t  give up but instead took it as a challenge for me to learn more and improve especially my Japanese language. With my lecturer’s advice and help I was able to get a second chance and got an offer from NIFCO. Sometimes the way to your success can come in a way that you will never expect.Learning Japanese language opened a new dimension in my life.”