Live The Experience with AIESEC

Have you ever thought of making a difference to the world? In a completely new environment, working with people from all walks of life all for same cause and that is to make the world a better place? AIESEC is providing you the chance of a lifetime to be a Global Volunteer where you will volunteer abroad and grow out of your comfort zone. Get involved with volunteering projects abroad that align with the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals (SDGs) and make the change to the world that you wish to see! Our Global Volunteer projects around the world exist because as AIESEC members,  we choose to shape what we do around what the world needs.

Interested to learn more? Join us for our upcoming event “Live The Experience” and get to know more about volunteering abroad with AIESEC. Side perks include exciting activities and lucky draw prizes! You will also be able to network with students from different countries and experience their culture In just one day, you will get to learn more about AIESEC and their visions and missions and find out how you can play your part and get involved with AIESEC in achieving your personal goal and the AIESEC goals.

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