UTM Researcher is One of the Representatives to UK-ASEAN Network on in Higher Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

UK-ASEAN workshop on “Cost-effective solutions & assistive technologies for low-income ageing populations” was successfully organized in Hanoi from 22 – 24 August 2018. This is the first time where Vietnam received the Regional Researcher Links project from Newton Fund, to organise the international workshop, with 35 participants who are the scientists, researchers and experts from 27 higher education institutions in the UK, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

This UK-ASEAN workshop involved researchers and experts from multi-disciplinary fields to work together, to share knowledge and expertise, and to stimulate fruitful collaborations regionally and internationally in order to tackle the challenges in Science and Technology for an equal and socially sustainable society, and a fair community.

Four young researchers were selected and fully sponsored by Newton Fund to represent Malaysia at this international workshop, namely Dr. Azhari Md Hashim from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Dr. Mohd Juzaila Abd Latif from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia (UTME), Dr. Ahmad Jazlan Haja Mohaideen from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and Dr. Asnida Abdul Wahab from Univerisiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Professor Jamaluddin Mahmud from UiTM was the coordinator from Malaysia who worked closely with UK and Vietnam coordinators in organizing this workshop.

Five activities  were successfully conducted during the workshop, including (1) Scientific & Technological (S/T) presentations, R&D collaborations and Funding Opportunities; (2) Transnational education & research; (3) Publications about Ageing Technologies; (4) Mentoring session for R&D proposals and signing the non-disclosure agreements; and finally  (5) Field trips, networking and media events. During this 3 days-workshop, a total of 28 scientific and technological (S/T) presentations from the UK and ASEAN researchers and experts were presented.

The workshop has strengthen the current UK–ASEAN collaborations via UK-Vietnam Network in Higher Education, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (HEIE), which was co-founded by the applicants, and for long-term benefits, to expand these to the wider ASEAN region, emphasizing on the shared research and innovation challenges, providing direct impacts on the social welfare, economic development, and life quality of low-income ageing populations.

Press release for this event can be found at https://en.thesaigontimes.vn/tinbaichitiet/62323/


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