11 students from Faculty of Engineering UTM consisted of 5 from School of Mechanical Engineering, 5 from School of Chemical Engineering and 1 from School of Biomedical Engineering had successfully ended their exchange program in Tokyo University Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) under ASEAN International Mobility Students (AIMS) from 11th of September 2018 to 25th of January 2019. The students were nominated by UTM International and some of them were selected after succeeding in the interview session with the top management of the faculty.

This program was officiated by the Vice-President for Public Relations and International Affairs, Prof. Takayuki OKAYAMA during the opening ceremony along with the other Asian students who were from Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. All the students were exposed to the lifestyle, rules, and history about the university and Japan which was great for a newcomer to that particular country. Assoc. Prof. Kayo Yokomori was the TUAT coordinator to monitor all UTM Students while the exchange program was ongoing. All the classes that the students attended were conducted by using English as a primary language. Hence, the majority of them got their result with flying colors for the final examination in the university. 7 UTM students got the chances to do their research internship with the researcher and along with the other post-graduate students in the university and finally were asked to present their final research in front of the panel and the other students.

It was a great experience for the students as the host university requested for some giant company to give some exposure to the students about working in the industries that are related to their courses in the university such as at KAO Corporation, IHI Corporation, and Toray Industries. They were given the opportunity to have Q&A session with the professional workers in the industries about their experiences as engineers. All the UTM students also got the opportunity to work with the selected companies such as IHI Corporation, Chiyoda Corporation and TUAT Research Ltd. for 4 to 5 days. This short industrial training really gave some impacts on the students and very helpful as the official internship under UTM is around the corner.

The third industry visit which at Toray Industries

After opening ceremony of TUAT Exchange Program.

The exchange students assisted by the buddies club of TUAT.

Lake Kawaguchiko, Fuji