Assoc. Professor Dr Yamaguchi, Engineer Ishibashi, and Researcher Dr Miyaoka from
Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan came to UTM on the 17 th of January, the main purpose of
which was to view the potential locations where 2 Daikin heat pumps will be placed.
Complete with all measuring devices and 2 separate data loggers, the heat pumps will be
the gifts from Waseda University in the research collaboration stated in the Memorandum
of Agreement (MOA). This MOA is still under consideration by UTM, where on-site data in humid tropical
Malaysian climate will be collected and shared. Similar units will be placed at  Universiti
Indonesia at Depok and the University of Philippines.

The Waseda University team together with the researchers from the School of Mechanical
Engineering (Prof Dr Normah Mohd Ghazali, Assoc. Prof. Dr Haslinda Mohamed Kamar,
Assoc. Prof Dr Nazri Kamsah, and Dr Ummikalsom Abidin) visited two possible sites for the
placement of the 2 heat pump units. For a real load pattern, the first location is in a house in
Taman Pulai Utama – the three visitors and the house owner had a serious discussion on the
best position which involves on-the-spot engineering drawing as well as pros and cons of
prospective sites to finally pin point the exact position where a unit of the heat pump will be
installed sometime in May of 2019.