February 25, 2024

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The Japanese Language Proficency Test(JLPT) exam was conducted in UTM at PRZS hall on 2nd Dec for the eighth year. JLPT is a test conducted by Japan Foundation to give learners of Japanese Language an international recognition.

It is offered in 5 levels with N5 being the lowest and N1 the highest. The exam is conducted globally in 81 countries with 286 cities as test centers. It is held on the same day every year which is on the 1st Sunday of July and 1st Sunday of December. In Malaysia we have 5 centers; KL, Penang, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu and the latest edition, since 2011, in UTM, Johor Bahru. The exam fees are RM150 for N1 to N3 and RM110 for N4 and N5.

Japanese companies in Malaysia are inclined to offer jobs to students with JLPT level N5 and N4. Starting 5 years ago, Japanese companies in Japan have started to offer jobs to our students especially those with N3. To date, we have 30 of our graduates working in Japan and we expect this number to grow.

The JLPT certificate also gives an added advantage to students in getting scholarship to further studies in Japan.

This year, 263 candidates sat for the JLPT exam in UTM with nearly half of them are our UTM Japanese language students. We also have candidates from Korea,Indonesia,China,Taiwan and Singapore. This exam has certainly put UTM in the global JLPT map.

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