October 1, 2023

Dynamic Collaboration with Ilam University in the Horizon

Dr Abdullah Nawi
Dr Abdullah Nawi

From left: Dr Parviz Bagheri, Prof Dr Kamaruzaman Yusoff, AP Dr Siavash Yari, Dr Mansoureh Ebrahimi and Dr Abdullah Mohd Nawi
A delegation from the Literature & Humanities Faculty from Iran’s Ilam University paid a courtesy visit to the UTM’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH) yesterday. The delegation comprised of Associate Prof. Dr. Siavash Yari, the Dean of the faculty, and Dr. Parviz Bagheri, Assistant Prof. for the faculty and legal advisor for Ilam University, with the UTM’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities represented by Dr. Abdullah Mohd Nawi, Assistant Dean for External and Global Engagement, along with Prof. Dr. Kamaruzaman Yusoff and Dr Mansoureh Ebrahimi from FSSH’s Islamic Civilisation Academy.
In the discussion, the preliminary details of an MOU between Ilam University and UTM were discussed, with some of the potential collaboration being the areas of research, inbound and outbound staff mobility, and the sharing of expertise. This collaboration between the two universities signifies a significant step in the academic collegiality between Malaysia and the enigmatic Persian nation.
The visit comes at an opportune time when the faculty, in line with the UTM’s direction in the its Global Plan, is actively looking to expand its network and opportunities for collaboration with industry and global education players.
UTM, and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities invites any university or company to pay us a visit and discuss any avenue where we can affect positive mutually beneficial change.
For more enquiries with regard to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, please contact Dr Abdullah Mohd Nawi, Assistant Dean (External & Global Engagement) at: abdullahmnawi@utm.my.
Note: The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is the result of a merger between five faculties and centres in what is called the Synergy 4.0 restructuring of the university. These faculties are now schools within the central faculty, and they are the i) School of Education; ii) School of Human Resource and Psychology (SHARP); iii) Islamic Civilisation Academy; iv) Language Academy; and v) Centre for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and Civilisation (CASIS). The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is headed by Dean Prof Dr Muhammad Sukri bin Saud.

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