May 28, 2024

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University of Malaya Civil Engineering Competition 2018 (UMCEC18): Concrete Bowling is the unprecedented competition organised by Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. This competition was held on 21th April 2018 (Saturday) in University of Malaya.

There were 16 teams in total from different institutions that participated in it. Two teams comprising 8 students from Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia were Ng Boon Seng, Lim Chin Boon, Lim Chun Xiang and Tay Jie Qi from  Obsidian Team and supervised by Dr. Mohd Yunus bin Ishak while Hng Jia Ming, Cheng Wei Feng, Chong Chee Wei, and Ahmad Alauddin from  The Incredibowls team are supervised by Dr. Abdullah Zawawi bin Awang.

To develop creative work in designing concrete mix and to promote a culture of sustainability by using waste material,  Obsidian Team and  The Incredibowls Team used coconut fibre, glass fibre, glass recycle waste and ceramic tiles in their concrete mix design. The concrete bowling ball designed by  Obsidian Team with its lightness of 9.4 kg successfully sustained 151kN of load during strength test and 68.55kN of load for toughness test, while concrete bowling of  The Incredibowls Team with its lightness of 8.1kg can sustain 135.22kN and 57kN respectively.

Although both teams did not win any prizes in the competition, knowledge and experience were gained by the students. UMCEC18 was a great platform for students to apply the knowledge learnt in lectures as well as to develop soft skills that are applicable in the future.

Source by: Dr. Mohd Yunus bin Ishak

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