KUALA LUMPUR, 14 fEBRUARY 2018 – UTM International Kuala Lumpur had organized a cooking demonstration program called “UTM Chef : Cook Like an International Pro” with a special traditional dish made by our Sudanese Ph.D student, Madam Intisar Ibrahim  Ridwan.  Intisar is currently the Vice President of the International Student Society (ISS) in Kuala Lumpur. Around 20 international students and staffs had joined the program.

In this program, she made a dish known as Khunafah a traditional dessert made with cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup. A very tasty and popular in Middle East.  She also made a special Sudanese Salat Aswad or Eggplant Salad wrapped with bread and served with special Rosalle Juice.  She was assisted by two Sudanese students Mdm Zeinab and Mr. Elsadig during the demonstration.

Everybody loved the dishes and juice served and hope that this program will continuously be organized from time to time so that they can share their traditional dish and culture with other students.