JOHOR BAHRU,  25 November 2017 – A Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) student team has won the grand prize for the degree category at the The Great Lab Grand Design Challenge 2017.

‘Edar Solution’ of UTM won grand prize for the degree category.

The winning team, named ‘Edar Solution’ won the judges over with their product called “MESO”, which functions as a machinery diagnosis and predictive maintenance system.

The team comprised five FKE students, namely, Jason Lim Ji Chen, Teh Zhi Huei, Chin Linn Kern, Chin Hung Wei and Tay Yee Yang, with Dr Yeong Che Fai acting as the team’s advisor.

The Great Lab Grand Design Challenge 2017 is a competition organised by Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) and aimed to let encourage student in understanding challenges in the industry and community, innovating ideas into workable solutions and convincing industry judges that could potentially be your partners, investors or even employers.

The competition took place beginning in early March 2017 where 26 teams were shortlisted by winning preliminary rounds from the CREST-Industry Analytical Challenge, TGL Summer Workshop, Semiconductor & Optoelectronics Cluster Bootcamp and Medical Devices Cluster Bootcamp.

All the teams were given RM 1500 as project fund to design and construct their product as well as commercialise it.

On 25th November, 26 participant team from 12 different universities (UTM, USM, UM, UNIMAP, CUCMS, IIUM, UniKL, UTHM, INTI, APU, UiTM Shah Alam and UTeM) gathered in Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine (INFORMM), Penang to present their product.

After three levels of the pitching section, MESO successfully to bring Edar Solution team to stand out from the 26 teams and achieved as the champion of The Great Lab Grand Design Challenge 2017.

With the high degree of the data analysis on cloud based on the real-time industry machinery data, MESO can helps the industry practitioner in diagnosis and predictive faults maintenance. And, the Remote Augmented Reality Maintenance System function significantly ease the technicians and vendor in troubleshooting machinery problem and increase the efficiency. Thus, in the Revolution of Industry 4.0, MESO will definitely play an outstanding role in the future of industry.

Applicant must consist of individual/team members from winning teams from CREST 2017

Talent programs as listed below:

Ø CREST-Industry Analytical Challenge Finale Northern, Central & Southern Region (May 2017)

Ø TGL Summer Workshop (27th till 30th July 2017).

Ø Semiconductor & Optoelectronics Cluster Bootcamp (10th till 13th August 2017)

Ø Medical Devices Cluster Bootcamp (24th till 27th August 2017)

Ø Invited Teams from iUM Disrupt (11th till 12th March 2017)