Research success in the 21st century calls for impact, dissemination and sustainability that could make a difference to entities and each pocket population around it.  Hence, enhancement of research performance of any universities must not happen in a vacuum.   It merits a collaborative commitment among regional and institutional players in different parts of the world. This project is established toward such a direction. The main aim of this project is to assess and enhance the quality of research performance among various South East Asia Universities. It is co-funded by Erasmus under the umbrella of Capacity Building for Higher Education project.

Some of the committee members attending the Kick off meeting at Bratislava on 6-12th March, 2017

The program partner is University of Economics, Bratislava, Slovakia, while International Business School, UTM is one of the program partners together with nine other universities in the consortium. The duration of this research project is two years and 8 months. The project encompasses training for researchers and doctoral students, workshops, publications, conferences and policy papers. For more info on this research, visit: