JOHOR BAHRU, 1 November 2016 – The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Centre of Industrial Applied Mathematics (UTM-CIAM) has initiated several events to spread the importance of mathematics among communities around here.
Starting today, UTM-CIAM will be organizing several workshops and discussion series such as Young Talent Consultancy Camp, Hi-tea with industry “Industrial Maths : European Sucess Stories” and “Mathematics in Industry : Academia, Government and Industry in action”.
Director of UTM-CIAM, Prof. Dr. Zainal Abd. Aziz said the Young Talent Consultancy Camp (YTC) programme is actually a training session to shape people on how to approach other people.
“In this two day programme which begins today, the organizers will pick five newly appointed lecturers whose duration of service is less than five years and six Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students to join the program.
“These two groups of people are divided into five groups and will receive training on how to approach the industries to solve their industrial mathematical related problems,” he said.
A mathematical expert and Business Development Manager from the Smith Institute, United Kingdom Dr. Zoe Kelson will conduct the training.
The objectives of this programme are to train lecturers and future lecturers and mathematical experts on how to assist industries with their numerical problems and get paid on the service given.
On the third of November 2016 a Hi Tea will be organised with the theme Industrial Maths: European Success Stories and Mathematics in Industry : Academia, Government and Industry in action at the Banquet Hall, UTM Kuala Lumpur
“In the session, Dr. Zoe Kelson sharing with us stories about the industrial mathematical problems be solved by universities in United Kingdom and how the universities get paid for the services.
“It is something useful that we can learn from them and we could know how far our expertise can benefit us in financial terms,” said Prof. Zainal.
Furthermore, on November 4th 2016, UTM-CIAM is organising Mathematics in Industry : Academia, Government and Industry in Action  at the same venue at UTM Kuala Lumpur.
“In this programme, mathematical experts from Malaysian higher educational institutions are invited to join the roundtable discussion about how these experts can use their expertise to help solving national problems.
“This session will be more inclined to raise awareness among the local mathematical experts on how to contribute to their country,” he said.
Any academic staff who are interested to participate in these programmes are cordially invited.