Congratulations to Prof Dr Zainuddin Abdul Manan who has been awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree from University of Pannonia (UoP), Hungary on 20th June 2014.

During the graduation ceremony, the profile of the recipient, and the highlights of the achievements (UTM-UoP) from the collaboration have been cited to the audience. Excerpts of the achievement highlights were as below:

“The successful collaboration between UTM and University of Pannonia between 2012-2014 has so far produced 30 ISI journal papers (CIF : 76.626), 18 Scopus Cited papers, 3 books, appointment of 7 staff as reviewers and editorial board members of journals and special issue journals; 15 invited lectures, organization of three major international conferences, co-supervision of 5 PhD students, two international grants from TAMOP, one European Horizon 2020 grant collaboration…”

Heartiest congratulations to Prof Zain

Pannonia Award

The University of Pannonia has founded the “Pannonia Award” to recognize outstanding foreign citizens whose professional achievements and extended personal network have helped the University of Pannonia to strengthen its international reputation. The awarded professionals also contribute to the development of long-term international cooperation with other institutions and foster the establishment of new educational programs in line with the Institutional Development Plan of the University of Pannonia. The University Senate has decided to offer the Pannonia Award to Professor Dr. Zainuddin Abdul Manan, Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.