Prestigious Recognition Awaits Best Doctoral Research

MIMOS is offering the MIMOS Prestigious Award (MPA). MPA will be evaluated by a panel of judges from Universities as well as from MIMOS. Projects need to be aligned with MIMOS’ 10 technology thrust areas, and will be judged, among others, on qualitative attributes such as innovativeness, creativity, expertise on the domain area, value creation, and commercialisation potential. Submitted projects should also focus on key market sectors served by the R&D centre; namely Government Services, Education, Agriculture, Healthcare, Public Safety and Communications.
The MPA comprises an exclusively crafted trophy designed by MIMOS’ award-winning industrial designers, a cash prize and a Certificate of Merit. For further details on MPA2014 contact Hazril Zuberi at
MPA2014 Eligibility Requirements
1. Applicants must be a Malaysian citizen at the time of application.
2. Applicants must be a doctoral candidate completing their research for degree conferment in 2014.
3. The doctoral research conducted by the applicants must be aligned with one or more of MIMOS’ technology thrust areas; namely Advanced Analysis & Modelling, Advanced Computing, Information Security, Intelligent Informatics, Knowledge Technology, Microenergy, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Psychometrics and Wireless Communications.
4. The research conducted by the applicants must have a potential for commercialisation in the opinion of the panel of judges.