MIT BLOSSOM Commends UTMLead BLOSSOMS Malaysia Video Production

BLOSSOMS Malaysia, led by UTMLead has received special mention in the MIT BLOSSOMS newsletter (April 2014 Issue), for a job well done on the BLOSSOMS video production.

“No other BLOSSOMS country partner has done so well. You have captured the true meaning of BLOSSOMS” said Prof Richard Larson, the Principal Investigator of the MIT BLOSSOMS Initiative.

BLOSSOMS Malaysia has successfully captured the essence of the rich Malaysian culture in the video lessons covering the learning and teaching of topics in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. This has been commended by MIT BLOSSOMS as not only would the video lessons foster critical thinking and problem solving skills, but they would also enhance cross-cultural awareness and understanding. The incorporation of all these elements would both enrich and optimise students’ learning experiences.

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