Chairman of KQ GEO Technologies, Mr. XU Wenzhong and Prof Ir Dr Wahid Omar, Vice Chancellor of UTM exchanging document.

Chairman of KQ GEO Technologies, Mr. XU Wenzhong and Prof Ir Dr Wahid Omar, Vice Chancellor of UTM exchanging document.

JOHOR BAHRU, 3rd of December 2013 –  KQ GEO Technologies Co., Ltd. From China (KQ GEO) and Universiti Tecknologi Malaysia (UTM) are working together to launch the KQ GEO-UTM software Cooperation Programme ceremony.

The ceremony is held in the UTM Main Meeting Room. Chairman of KQ GEO Technologies, Mr. XU Wenzhong, Prof Ir Dr Wahid Bin Omar, Vice Chancellor of UTM and University Representatives have attended the ceremony and signed the cooperation and contribution agreement on behalf of both parties, with witness of Prof Sr. Dr Miswan @ Abdul Hakim Bin Mohammed, Dean of Faculty of Geoinformation and Real Estate and Mr. Yip Kit Meng, Director of Enviro Land Services Sdn Bhd, KQ software’s Country Distributor of Malaysia.

KQ GEO Technologies Co., Ltd. contributes to UTM a total of 56 GIS software licenses that consists of 25 suites of KQ AutoMap, 25 suites of KQ TOOLS and 6 suites of KQ Web GIS software, with the value amount of 1,600,000.00 in Ringgit Malaysia.

Vice Chancellor of UTM extended his sincere gratitude to the KQ GEO for their contribution of GIS software for university teaching and research purpose, which could serve as a very good example of the university’s efforts to cultivate GIS talents. Mr. Xu Wenzhong also hoped that the two sides could further cooperative ties for promotion of GIS software education in Malaysian universities.

In the speech given by the KQ Geotechnologies  Chairman, Mr. Xu Wenzhong, he emphasized that Malaysian is always being seen as the most important overseas market of the company business. In compliance of local industrial standard, the company has been taking great effort to transform their fundamental GIS platform to meet Malaysian standard over the past few years.

Besides GIS technology, he also hoped that the company can introduce more core technologies to serve Malaysian users in the surveying and mapping field. Till now, the company, being one of the leading Chinese companies in the field, has abundant project cases with adoption of technologies with geographical information system (GIS), remote sensing, aerial mapping as well as global navigation satellite system (GNSS). Successful cases have been achieved for government, enterprise and public users in over 20 countries.


In the event, KQ GEO specialist showcased all three software start with KQ AutoMap that will benefit the surveyors and GIS users for field data mapping after surveying work; KQ TOOLS will help the GIS specialist to build the GIS database in a professional and efficient way; KQ Web GIS will allow the GIS specialist to publish the GIS data to the Web server.


Furthermore, the cooperation and UTM and software contribution would serve as an opening of the new partnership between KQ GEO and UTM in the education and research activities. The Faculty plans to provide a tailored course for student to learn and practice the KQ software so as to cultivate the students with practical capabilities.