The UTM Strategic Review and Planning Engagement has been successfully held at the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort for three days from 17 to 19 October 2013. The big event was attended by all executive officers of UTM with the highlights by the UTM Vice Chancellor are as follows:

 I. Preamble:

  • Always return to and link our moves and endeavours to our institutional philosophy, vision and mission as the basis / foundation for all our core activities.
  • Understand  very clearly what our core business is, and how our commitment to this core business has brought us this far


II. Moving Forward

  • Building on the foundation of the UTM Global Plan, continue with the present plans (subject to review, improvement, consolidation and enhancement)
  • More intensified engagement, inclusiveness and wider buy-in
  • Facilitate and open-up opportunities; reduce bureaucracy with more  effective structure to improve delivery
  • Optimise resources


III. Key Focus

  • Research and publication will take centre-stage, but not at the expense of the other 2 key roles of the university  i.e Teaching and learning and community service, engagement and knowledge transfer
  • Continue high profile collaboration with top universities and ensuring excellent high impact returns to UTM
  • Improve media relations to avoid  / minimize threats and strengthen branding
  • Enhance communication between RA and Faculty Deans to improve understanding and mutual cooperation / teamwork
  • Promotional , incentives and reward system based on performance
    • KAI for international staff
    • KAI for contract staff
    • KAI for support staff (will be rebranded to PPP)
    • Revisit for review of outstanding issues namely UG / PG ratio , stand on Diploma  – solutions should be developed for the good of UTM
    • More management focus on improving delivery system , covering areas of human capital , lean solutions , PEMUDAH, value for  money ,  ICT enablers
    • Focus on the effective implementation of the HRBP
    • Continue to improve on financial sustainability  with Syariah compliance, business efficiency value for money, strategic financing and budgeting , endowment, prudent spending, reduce waste and increase saving
    • Relook into some of our structure, improve or strengthen with new function , new scope or consolidate multi-functional areas
    • Continue to strengthen our individual DNA and soul of our university, KAI tree, I LOVE UTM , mind the gap, balance, happy, healthy , sustainable, less stress, sincerity ,integrity and accountability
    • Measuring the impact – Value vs. Impact (ROI)