UTM hosts first International Advisory Panel

Chairman of UTM Board of Director, Tan Sri Halim Ali looking at Profesor Zaini (left) chairing the meeting.

JOHOR BAHRU, 6 May 2013: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is hosting its first International Advisory Panel (IAP) Meeting 2013, which is  taking place on 6th May at the Mutiara Hotel, Johor Bahru, today.

The IAP is the brainchild of UTM’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini bin Ujang and is set up to to steer the university towards its aspiration of becoming one of the Top 50 universities globally in science, engineering and technology by 2020.

The perspectives, advice and recommendations of the international panel will hopefully propel UTM forward and make it a key global player and one of Malaysia’s premier institutions of quality higher education with impactful presence.

The UTM-IAP 2013 Meeting is attended by representatives from 8 universities and institutions worldwide, members of the UTM Board of Directors, and the University management committee.

Specifically, the UTM IAP would provide suggestions from an international viewpoint to further enrich and enhance the university’s teaching, learning and research activities. At the same time, the advisory panel will assist and support UTM in identifying future research trends, impact and growth opportunities, and help the university in advancing its scholarly agenda, strengthening its financial standing, and enhancing networking with other international organisations, higher education institutions, and individual experts.


UTM knows that in the current global climate, universities need to transform in impactful ways to remain relevant and sustainable. This drives UTM to move forward promoting first class mindset change and strong innovative and entrepreneurial culture beyond conventional paradigms based on the concept of New Academia.

Through the UTM Global Plan 2012 -2020, UTM aims to position itself as a renowned institution not only in terms of outstanding scholarly contributions, but also ensuring quality human capital development, impactful contribution to the Malaysian and regional innovation economy, strong financial standing, prominence at the international level and a reputable academic brand.

Towards this goal, UTM has undergone a comprehensive institutional transformation with better functional operations, service offerings, strategic engagements and brand positioning as well as delivery systems to transform the university’s current operating models to one that is innovative, entrepreneurial and global.

The input from the panel is deemed important to UTM’s overall effort in achieving its aspiration to be in the top league globally, with the precise hope that UTM could benefit from the Panel through enhanced sharing of ideas, experiences, and the knowledge of what constitutes as some of the best practices in universities world-wide.


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