Dr Zaini (Left) and  Dr. Suliman Aba Al-Khail at the opening ceremony at the Senate Hall.

JOHOR BAHRU, 12 MARCH 2013 – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) hosted the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) for the first time since it was established in 1987.

UTM Vice Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Seri Dr Zaini Ujang said, the FUIW admits all universities in the Islamic world through membership.

“Today, the Federation holds together about 285 member universities from more than 65 countries including 10 universities in Malaysia such as UM, UKM, IIUM, and Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

“For the current session, UTM sits in the Federation’s Executive Council,” he said at the press conference at the Senate Hall, today.

Chairman of the FUIW Executive Council Chairman, Dr. Suliman Aba Al-Khail and Rector of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University of Riyadh, Dr. Bayramov Sahin Vaqif Oglu, Vice Rector of Azerbaijan State Economic University on International Affairs and Dr. El Gharib Zaher Ismail, the Director of the FUIW General Secretariat were attended the meeting.

Dr Zaini said, the Executive Council first held its session in April 1992, in Damascus, the Arab Republic of Syria, and has since held 17 sessions and the last being in May, 2010, in Riyad, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“During the last session, UTM has offered to be given the privilege of hosting the 18th Executive Council Session and today, we stand proud to be the host of the Federation’s 18th Executive Council Session,” he said.

The delegate capturing their moment prior to opening ceremony.

Under the recommendation of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, the FUIW, was first conceived in 1987.

The FUIW is under the umbrella of ISESCO (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). IT is made up of the General Conference, the Executive Council, and the General Secretariat.

“During the first Constitutive Conference of the Federation held in Rabat, the Kingdom of Morocco, it was deemed that the Federation be permanently head-quartered within ISESCO’s General Directorate,” he cited.

The objectives of the Federation are:

  1. Enhancing the level of scientific researches in all fields, exchanging their findings, and linking them with the developmental and civilizational requirements of the Islamic Ummah;
  2. Upgrading and developing higher education to address the needs of Muslim societies and benefit by the scientific and technological new developments in line with the Islamic Ummah’s civilizational constants;
  3. Furthering cooperation in such a way as to enhance the exchange of experiences, studies, programmes and visits in the fields of education, science, culture and technology;
  4. Encouraging the teaching of the language of the Holy Quran and the Islamic culture in Member Universities;
  5. Stepping up the efforts of higher education institutions to address the current issues and entrench the values of understanding, coexistence and peace among the peoples of the Islamic Ummah and the world as a whole;
  6. Upgrading Member Universities’ knowledge and human capacities;
  7. Caring for the Islamic heritage by publicizing, translating and authenticating it, and shedding light on the contribution of its scholars to human civilizational building;

“It is our hope that UTM serves as one of our Country’s ambassadors to the world, particularly to the World of Islam, and that UTM be a unique example and model of a technological university.

“In line with our vision of being recognized as a world-class center of academia and technological excellence, and our mission to lead in the development of human capital and innovative technologies that will contribute to the nation’s wealth creation,” he explained.

He said, UTM motto is, innovative, entrepreneurial, and global.