Prof. Vietor delivering his speech at UTM International Campus.

KUALA LUMPUR, 5th. March: UTM International Business School (IBS) Distinguished Visiting Professor, and also one of the Advisory Panel for IBS, Professor Richard Vietor from the Harvard Business School delivered a lecture entitled “How Countries Compete” at the UTM Premier Lecture Series on 5th March 2012, at the UTM Kuala Lumpur Campus in Jalan Semarak.

Prof Vietor is the Paul Whiton Cherington Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean for the Asian Initiative.  He teaches courses on the international political economy at Harvard Business School.

Professor Vietor’s research on business, government policy, business-government relations and environmental management has been published in numerous journals, books and case studies on a wide range of topics including financial services, national development strategies, energy policy, the regulation of natural gas, nuclear power and hazardous wastes; on strategy and deregulation in airlines, railroads and telecommunications, to name some.

He has also been a consultant to various research institutions, advisory boards, societies, corporations as well as countries like Malaysia.

The appointment of Prof Vietor as a Distinguished Visiting Professor to UTM IBS is to assist in enhancing UTM IBS’ postgraduate programmes, considering his vast experience and in-depth insights on issues related to business, financial services and government policies.

The UTM Premier Lecture Series is part of UTM’s initiative to cultivate a vibrant knowledge culture and fertile intellectual ecosystem among its academics, staff and students, while encouraging a stimulating discussion and deliberation among academics, students and the public on pertinent issues of concern, especially in the current volatile economic environment.

A large crowd fulfilling Main Hall in UTM International Campus to listen to Prof. Vietor speech.

Prof Vietor’s knowledge and expertise in HBS are of significant value not just to the UTM IBS academics and students but also practitioners, industry experts, and government agencies to explore relevant business and economic issues facing the current market while resolving challenges in the current competitive environment.

UTM IBS aims to be a global entrepreneurial and innovative business school in the region, and to lead in postgraduate business education at Masters and Doctoral level, in line with UTM’s aspiration to be a graduate-focused university.

Prof Vietor shared insights on how countries compete in the world economy, and how it can be done successfully to drive and sustain a nation’s growth.

He also showed how some governments set direction and create the climate for a nation’s economic development and profitable private enterprise.

Drawing on history, economic analysis, and interviews with executives and officials around the globe, Vietor provides rich and insightful examinations of different government approaches to growth and development–leading to both success and failure.

The Premier Lecture is organised by the UTM International Business School. Prof Vietor is among the international Advisory Panel for the school, consisting of renowned figures in the academic, business and corporate world.

He also met the UTM top management team to discuss the strategies to make UTM more competitive at international level. Professor Vietor also gave a talk to the HBS Alumni Club at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on March 4, 2012.