UTM-Giant Mountain-Bike (MTB) Quest Sets New Tradition on Sustainable, Healthy Living

Johor Bahru, 10 April. The UTM-Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Prof Ir Dr Azraai Kasim together with the Dean and Deputy Dean of UTM Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Prof Dr Zainuddin Abdul Manan and Associate Prof Dr Fadzilah Adibah flagged off up to 900 cyclists from all over Malaysia in the first UTM MTB-quest cycling event at 830 am this morning (see http://www.cheme.utm.my for photos of the event). The first ever MTB cycling event organised by a higher institution aims to promote UTM as a campus for eco-tourism and sustainable living as well as cycling as a healthy, fun and exciting sport for all ages.
Prof Azraai said that UTM management as well as the Vice Chancellor, Dato’ Zaini Ujang who is himself and avid environmentalist and proponent of sustainable, healthy living would be happy to see that this event to be a UTM annual signature event to promote UTM campus eco-tourism, sustainable and healthy living.Associate Prof Dr Fadzilah Adibah, the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FChE) who is the mastermind and the key driver behind this event, along with the FChE Bioprocess Engineering Student Society (BIOSS) said that this event can potray UTM as a sustainable and vibrant campus. In the words of Dr Adibah, the experience to organise such a massive event of international magnitude is indeed very challenging and at times, nerve-wrecking. She finds the overwhelming response from cyclists all over Malaysia, which include more than 70 international cyclists as most rewarding.Prof Dr Zainuddin said that in view of the overwhelming support, FChE, with UTM’s support would be honoured to spearhead this event annually. He added that the MTB event can engorage staff and students to take up cycling as an activity to promote healthy lifestyle and and to bring together the entire UTM community from all walks of life.

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