February 25, 2024

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Triggering the minds of Petroleum engineering students

Skudai, Oct 19th: The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Student Chapter in collaboration with the Department of Petroleum Engineering UTM recently organised the Oil and Gas Symposium (OGS) 2010.

The Dean of the Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering (FPREE), Prof. Dr. Ariffin Samsuri in his officiating speech said that the main objective of this event is to change the mindset of undergraduate and postgraduate students from other engineering disciplines in terms of career prospects in oil and gas industries.

“Through this event, every participant will have a deeper understanding on the latest development and technologies in the oil and gas industry besides having the opportunity to exchange and learn new ideas from the related industries,” said Prof. Ariffin.

Prof. Ariffin said that the symposium is a good exposure to participants in getting to know the real working condition in this industry.

“As participants, you can also gain more inspiration and thus, trigger you to test your own capabilities and step forward towards the future,” he said.

Various programmes were conducted throughout the symposium such as exhibition, technical talks, forum, workshops, plenary and career talk, Visual Discovery Inspiring Contest (INDVEC), Schlumberger Oil Rig Designing Competition, interview and public speaking sessions for secondary students.

Sponsors and experienced lecturers handled the technical talks, workshop, plenary and career talk sessions as the topics are mainly about the oil and gas industry.

Schlumberger Oil Rig Designing Competition is about the participants building an oil rig from waste or using materials based on their creativity and understanding. The prototypes were later presented and evaluated by a jury of professional.

The symposium was held for two days starting from October 19th 2010 at The Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM Johor Bahru campus.

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