April 21, 2024

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UTM Joint Secretariat of the Johor Strategic Innovation Institute


Johor Bahru, 21st March 2016 – The Johor Strategic Innovation Institute has been established as an entity under the Johor State Government in collaboration with 47 local and international universities, colleges and institutions located in the state of Johor, with UTM and the Johor State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) as joint Secretariat.

Establishment of the Johor Strategic Innovation Institute was announced by YAB Dato’ Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin, the Chief Minister of Johor at the Higher Education Insitution, Idustry and Johor State Synergistic Symposium held at the UTM Johor Bahru Campus.

Its establishment would contribute towards the realisation of the Iskandar Innovation Valley that aims to position the state of Johor as a center of high-tech economy with global interests in the region.

Based in Johor since 1985, UTM continues to forge alliances with the state government and various agencies across the state. This cooperation continues to be strengthened in line with UTM as an institution of knowledge, thereby becoming part of the main force in making the State of Johor as an Innovation and Economy Power House, at the same time realizing the Johor State Economic Growth Strategic Plan.

Dato’ Mohamed Khaled in his opening address stated that when he first mooted the idea of the Iskandar Innovation Valley, the main limitation voiced by many parties was with regards to infrastructure. This, in fact, is a common concern as most parties are too focused on challenges resulting from inadequate infrastructure, as well as land and commercial development issues.

However, he believes that what is paramount is not related to infrastructure issues, rather, the focus should be on the human will and spirit or unleashing of the true potential of the human spirit. It is this competitive and inquisitive spirit that will lead to the discovery of new knowledge, leading towards better quality of life.

The love of science and knowledge will stimulate the zeal and curiosity for more knowledge, which in turn will lead to creativity. And with adequate entrepreneurial know-how, thsi creativity can be nurtured and enhanced to become a world class moder innovation.

This is what UTM and all education institutions must collectively implement together with the Johor State Government as Universities should elevate ideas and new inventions to greater heights.

However, the presence of the University alone is far from adequate. Advanced ideas and innovations will not go far without the involvement of the industry and investors. Thus, all these stakeholders must do their part. Support form both the industry and investors is cruicial in bringing innovation to the market for commercial purposes. Assistance in terms of capital and marketing expertise of industry players will result in the innovations reaching a wider market.

It is hoped that the institute will grow and develop, and become a catalyst in positioning the State of Johor as Innovation Valley of global reputation.



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