Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Global Outreach Programme, France: Learning Beyond our Shores

Global Outreach Programme (GOP) to the IUT Saint-Malo, France – experience the French industries 1st hand, improve students language skills, cross-cultural understanding, and cross-cultural and interpersonal communication necessary in their future undertakings as professionals.

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AHIBS Provides Inputs on Outcome Based Education (OBE) System Improvisation

On 10th of December 2020, a workshop on Outcome Base Education (OBE) was conducted at AHIBS Convention Hall targeting at improving the current OBE system and attended by program coordinators from Azman Hashim International Business School, Johor Bahru. The invited speaker is the developer of OBE system himself, Ir. Dr. Istas Fahrurrazi bin Nursyirwan from School of Mechanical, Faculty of Engineering. The aim of this workshop was to enhance academic teaching and learning delivery specifically on reporting of students’ performance every semester.

COVID-19 | Shortage of Ventilators: What and How Can You Help to Save Lives?

People linked to the universities and companies indicated to save many lives during the growth of pandemic COVID-19. These meaningful projects need aids and feedbacks from the frontlines such as doctors, medics, and nurses so that the designers and engineers could precisely stipulate the machine in this emergency.