April 22, 2024

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Connecting Worlds, Transforming Lives: Unleashing the Power of DDVCRI Global Outreach Program@Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, 27 November 2023– In the heart of the Department of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) DDVCRI, a story unfolds—a story of transformation, unity, and the boundless power of global collaboration. This is the narrative of our Global Outreach Program (GOP), where the academicians and management staff embark on a journey that transcends geographical boundaries, creating connections that resonate across cultures. 

The delegation, led by Prof. Dr. Safian bin Sharif, Director of UTM Pagoh Campus consisted of 17 UTM staff members, including 2 academicians, research officers, and administrators from 2nd November until 8th November 2023 to Seoul, South Korea. They embarked on a series of international collaborative visits to Seoul International Innovation Fair (SIFF 2023), Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), Embassy of Malaysia, Seoul and Hanyang University. The visits are the main objectives of GOP to foster global connections, facilitate cross-border collaboration, and promote the institution’s academic and cultural exchange with partners worldwide. 

GOP Delegation at SIFF 2023 Seoul, South Korea


Official visit to SIFF 2023 at Seoul, South Korea (from left Puan Farhana, Puan Nurhakimi, Prof. Dr. Safian, Dr Azlan, Mr. Nadzreeq, and Dr. Sabrinah)

KITECH was founded in 1989 to support industry sectors especially SMEs as an application-oriented research institute. KITECH focuses on 3 key research areas: advanced manufacturing technology, industrial technology convergence, and sustainable manufacturing system technology.

The visit to KITECH was led by Dr. Dong Yoon Lee. The discussions held has the  potential to stimulate boundless innovation, as the institute is dedicated to expanding industrial technology and supporting innovation in order to improve the competitiveness of South Korea’s industrial sector.

The engagement session was able to walk us through the innovation and how the research officers play a key role in the institute’s management and sustainability. To address industry difficulties and contribute to economic progress, the institute undertakes research and development in a variety of sectors.

Official visit and discussion for potential collaboration at KITECH (from left Dr. Sabrinah, Puan Nurhakimi, Dr. Azlan, Prof. Dr. Safian, Dr. Dong Yoon Lee, Mr. Nadzreeq, Puan Farhana and Mr. Naim)

Stepping  into the heart of diplomatic dialogue, we managed to visit the Embassy of Malaysia. Our discussion was chaired by Datin Norhadila binti Ab Halim, the Embassy Counsellor, and Mdm. Liyana Jalwati Alias, the Embassy Secretary. This visit takes us behind embassy doors by offering unique opportunities to engage with global connections. The discussions we had regarding future collaboration between our countries were highly encouraging and left us with a sense of excitement about the potential for strengthened bilateral relations.

Official visit to Embassy Malaysia at Seoul, South Korea (from left Puan Nurhakimi, Prof. Dr. Safian, Mdm. Liyana, Datin Norhadila and Dr. Sabrinah)
GOP delegation at Embassy Malaysia at Seoul, South Korea.

As one of the leading universities in Korea, Hanyang University (한양대학교) is a private research university in Seoul and Ansan, South Korea. Hanyang derives from the former name of the capital Seoul used during the Joseon Dynasty. The university was founded in 1939 as an engineering school, and was the country’s first college to offer engineering and architecture programs. At Hanyang University we managed to visit state-of-the-art smart labs where ideas come to life. It was incredible to witness firsthand the advanced smart laboratory they have developed. Visiting the advanced smart laboratory at Hanyang University was a truly eye-opening experience. It deepened our appreciation for the advancements being made in engineering and technology and left us feeling inspired.

GOP delegation at Engineering Center, Hanyang University Seoul, South Korea
Discussion and sharing session between Hanyang University and UTM

We as DDVCRI management team believe  that true excellence knows no borders. The Global Outreach Program is our gateways to a world of opportunities, knowledge, and connections. Together, let’s shape a future that knows no bounds. DDVCRI Go Global! 

GOP@Seoul, South Korea 2 Nov- 8 Nov 2023


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