April 24, 2024

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Prepared by: AP. Dr. Rossilah Jamil

Malaysian slang,

‘Jajan’ = snacks..

‘Lejen’ = famous..

August and September are the months of patriotism as Malaysians celebrate National Day (31st August) and Malaysia Day (16th September). It is the time where citizens of all ages and races unite to share the feeling of pride, love and devotion to our homeland.

2021 is an ugly reminder that we have entered the second year of the pandemic. It has been two years since we had colourful parades with marching bands while children proudly waving flags. It has been two years since we shouted Merdeka countdown, then followed by bursting fireworks of red, blue, yellow and white.

It has also been two years that students and alumni of Master of Business Administration (Healthcare Management), Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS) work non-stop serving as frontliners at various facilities across the country. Their selfless dedication has not gone unnoticed.

To show our simple gesture, we sent out AHIBS Merdeka Box, filled with local and lejen jajan to evoke childhood memories of simpler and happier times. We hope the box brings smiles to their faces, reminiscing what it is like to be Malaysians. Watch their unboxing videos here:

Thank you for keeping Malaysia safe.

From AHIBS with love.

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