Transform You – A workshop for Razak Faculty of Technology & Informatics Staff

The Razak Faculty of Technology & Informatics (RFTI) organized a whole day workshop on Personal Branding & Media Presence on the 2nd October 2019. The workshop was divided into 2 sessions, for the Academic and Non-academic staff.  Assoc. Prof. Dr Emma Mohammad from the Centre for Communication and Digital Society, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) was the invited coach for the workshop.  It was held at Bilik Ilmuan 3, Menara Razak, starting from 9.30am to 12.30pm for the first session.  The second one took place from 2pm to 5pm.

Group photo with Assoc. Prof. Dr Emma Mohammad


The participants responded well to what seemed to be a very exciting workshop with lots of interactive activities where everyone had no choice, but to be involved.  The main idea of the workshop was for each participant to understand that each one of us should portray his or her own self in a unique manner – Self branding.

The brands we chose to represent ourselves should be made clear to the public so that they can be associated to the message we want to convey to the others and for them to understand us better.  This is essential in our daily work where we interact with people from different background.  Each of us has different ways to view a single point.  Therefore, clarity of the message we want to pass to the public is very important.

The participants were convinced too that self-branding leads to organization branding as well.  At the end of the exercise, the participants agreed that there is a need for better and more effective communication with their entourage at the office so that messages and instructions could be passed on well among each other.

Group Activities


An exercise to convey a comprehensive message to the audience


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