December 2, 2023

Exploring Opportunities between College of Islamic Studies, Prince of Songkla University and UTM XCITE

28 August, Johor Bahru – In the midst of the upcoming Merdeka celebration, UTM Centre for Student Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (UTM XCITE) had welcomely received a visit by a delegation from College of Islamic Studies (CSI), Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Pattani Campus, Thailand. Even though a journey from Pattani to Johor Bahru took around 16 hours, the 14-strong delegation which were led by Assit. Prof. Suthisak Duereh, Deputy Dean for Strategies and Organization Development, looked ecstatic when they arrived at UTM XCITE. The delegates were welcomed by Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan, Director of UTM XCITE.

A.P. Dr Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan had given a brief introduction about UTM XCITE to all the delegates. He also briefed them about activities organized by UTM XCITE for the past years and for the next few months. During the visit, a fruitful discussion between the delegation and UTM XCITE had also taken place. A range of issues including participation of students in entrepreneurial-related activities, entrepreneurial awareness among staff and students, and also entrepreneurial culture in UTM were also part of the meeting’s agenda. In his brief speech before the end of the visit, Assit. Prof. Suthisak Duereh thanked UTM XCITE for the willingness to receive the visit. He also stressed that this visit could open up the opportunity for UTM XCITE and CSI to engage in a profound relationship.

UTM XCITE looks forward to deepening further strategic collaboration with CSI PSU. UTM XCITE would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof Mohamad Hassan Osman from Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS), UTM Kuala Lumpur for arranging this visit.

A.P. Dr Zaidi welcoming the delegates.
Assit. Prof. Suthisak Duereh, head of the delegation.
One of the delegates listening to the discussion.
Some of the delegations paying attention to the meeting.
Dr Zaidi chatting and thanking the delegates for their visit before the end of the visit.

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